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Sustain #48: Commercial Hobby

By August 11, 2016 Sustain No Comments

“The future is always beginning now” — Mark Strand

What do you want to do if you have the means to do so?

  1. Start a farm
  2. Become a baker
  3. Open a restaurant
  4. Become a teacher
  5. Make & Sell goods
  6. Something else altogether
  7. I’m undecided. Let me do my job

Does your hobby fit into any of these categories? If so, that’s great! If not, love your job. Most of us aim to quit their job and pursue the commercialization of a hobby. Isn’t that the dream? Actually, to find work that interests you — that should be the dream! But, here we are, looking for alternate work and reality, when it is up to us to shape it. But who do none of us want to join politics and run a government?

We all want to be governed well. Don’t we? Yet, we choose to not be part of it consciously. Isn’t that ironical?

Have the politicians been so successful to make this career look so unappealing that you won’t pick it up unless you are born into it or face a lack of work. But that’s ok. Even if we plan a conscious role in self-governance and future around us and at home, we’ll drive some positivity in the community. It’s a bit preachy this time. So I’ll stop right here and keep it super-short. I got work to do and a lot of it as well. But in the meantime, pick a hobby that bodes well with the future!

Some other things I found interesting from last week

News @Arcluster

Arcluster is pleased to announce a business partnership withMarketresearch.com (MRDC) which allows for the marketing and distribution of Arcluster’s proprietary market reports and analyses through their website. Teaming up with MRDC is an excellent opportunity for us as our product line is a natural fit for this resource avenue. Waatch the news space to see the launch of our studies. For the latest news from the company, follow us on Twitter here, LinkedIn here and Like us on Facebook here.