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Sustain#47: To declutter or not

By August 11, 2016 Sustain No Comments

To Declutter and Beyond

“A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled” — Raymond Chandler

In the future, what will you declutter from your life?

  1. Clothes you don’t wear.
  2. Gifts you didn’t need
  3. Newsletters you don’t read
  4. Electronics you don’t use
  5. Stuff that isn’t first class
  6. All of the above

Really even this newsletter!? Ok, delete and declutter! But, your feedback is important!

There is a time in life when you realize that you have accumulated a lot of stuff that you feel claustrophobic just living among it. So what do you do then? Acceptance! This is not an easy thing because till you declutter your life, you won’t be able to see what else is amazing in your life that you are missing now. I’ll give you a few examples to start with: B-grade towels, anything that is wrong in size, empty packaging boxes, dead electronics etc. But, why do you have to do this?

What if one day, you don’t own houses but constantly migrate on floating ocean farms, or space colonies, or live in urban vertical pods. What if there is no need to collect and maintain anything? A time when everything you need can be obtained as a service. For example: if and when most cars look the same, you won’t feel the need to own one. However, like fashion, car ownership is not about convenience but about personality. So, we can’t say for sure how that will evolve.

But, what about future houses?

Is the middle income group so particular how their houses look from the outside especially in long vertical towers? Isn’t it totally ok that they all look the same? All the creativity and design, you can bring it back inside to reflect your personality right?. But if that’s the case, most of the technology that is evolving today is automating the indoor setup as well. For example: intelligent lighting, smart thermostats, power walls, intelligent security etc. How much can each of these house look differently even on the inside? Aren’t people the ones that turn houses into homes?!

The reduction in space will help people to only keep things that truly matter. Most of the unnecessary home functions will transition into the Uber for X model? Or even robotics might serve that need. Will you be cooking in this home pod? Or will your robotic butler do that?Will there value in procuring fresh vegetables every day or will you be buying into food alternatives? Can you really maintain sustainable food consumption if you aren’t living off the grid?

We have so many questions on how future homes will be like. How will we live in the next 30 years is an open ended question that has relative answers depending on who you are, hoe you are and where you are. This life is ephemeral. New technology defines social behavior far more rapidly than ever before. Take for example — Pokemon Go changed social behavior partly in a week. I covered that in the last weekly. You can read that here. More stuff like that will happen. But we won’t know in what direction till it happens. In the meantime, delete, declutter and deown.

Some other things I found interesting from last week!

Also, some other news that I have no comments on

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