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Sustain Weekly #46 —VR –  Crouching Tiger Hidden Pikachu

By August 11, 2016 Sustain No Comments

“Life is more fun if you play games” — Roald Dahl

Where can you find a Pikachu?

  1. hiding in a closet
  2. playing in the park
  3. travelling in a plane
  4. cruising in a car
  5. working in an office

Ok, you got me. I had no clue what a Pikachu was!I didn’t even know what Pokemon was till now. Safe to say, I don’t know much about Nintendo or the world of gaming! Born in India in the early 80s in an urban middle class setup, you wouldn’t have seen a video game till you were say around 10–12 years of age. Even then, you probably wouldn’t have owned one. I remember a bunch of us watched (not played) another kid play Pac-Man. That kid brought it from the US when he moved back to India. I haven’t played Doom, NFS, Grand Theft Auto, Football etc. But it’s something I don’t regret.

But has Pokemon Go changed social behavior in a week?

To explain this, we have to see a few charts to see how massive its impact has been on technology, society and the future. Some of these charts here. Firstly, it marks the first mainstream push towards Augmented Reality (AR) adoption.

Secondly, adoption rate is faster than some extremely popular apps such as Tinder. Apparently its even catching up on Snapchat.

But is the game a passing fad or a trendsetter?

We’ll agree that it already has hit cult status. But will it become like Angry birds and other popular hits or will it continue to scale beyond this. Right now, Candy crush makers are thinking how to make the game in 3D with a virtual projection or through VR glasses. Just don’t send the invites.

Surely, it paves way for the next generation of social interaction through AR.Virtual and augmented reality is making several inroads in the last few months. This also reflects in the increase in the number of times they get covered in my weeklies. You can read about them in Weekly #45 — VR in Retail. Weekly #41: Hyper Reality in 2025 and Weekly #24 — Future of Work etc.

The rapid blending of AR/VR into consumer markets are a clue

to how AR/VR might blend into enterprise markets. It is often said that the most popular consumer technologies blend well into the enterprise markets. For example: in hardware — you can see the consumerization of IT in laptops, tablets and smartphones etc and in terms of software — social media, conferencing and cloud storage etc. The same can happen with AR/VR.

At some point, we might create avatar versions of ourselves and entire virtual meetings and collaborate. A stretch for 5 years but can happen. I’ll cover the impact of AR/VR enabled gaming in future weeklies. Till then, try and catch a rat then we’ll talk about catching creatures real time.

Some other things I found interesting from last week.

..and all the other news around Pokemon Go

Vox explained what is Pokemon Go; Om Malik wrote how it will make you crave for AR. Pokestops in India are at temples. US Presidential candidates want to use it for campaign trails. A chrome extension that will block out all Pokemon news. T-Mobile is giving a year of free data to play Pokemon. A man found a dead body while searching for Pokemon. Some players fell off a cliff. One crashed a car. One fell into a pond. That’s quite enough for now. Basically, it’s a phenomenon that has gripped nations.

News @Arcluster

Arcluster announces the early launch of its market tracker for Enterprise VR and trends from around the world. Market trackers provide a more seamless and continuous coverage of trends, market size, pricing, shipments, bids, vendor shares for the markets we cover. The tracker is available for pre-booking as well with exclusive rights. Watch the news space to see the launch of these studies. For the latest news from the company, follow us on Twitterhere, LinkedIn here and Like us on Facebook here.