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Sustain#44: Peeves and Pet Projects!

By August 11, 2016 Sustain No Comments

“Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life” — Alvin Toffler (Oct28 — Jun16)

Which pet project of famous and partly bored tech billionaires do you think is most important?

1) Colonies in Mars
2) Hyperloop travel
3) Extending human life
4) Fighting invasive media
5) Internet for all (but through me)

I’m neutral on Mars colonies. But, If I can hitch a ride and you’ll provide reliable and dedicated internet for my work, then I’ll come stay in your Mars colony. If you want to move, step 1 for being a Mars resident is to be a minimalist.

Millionaires go to Mars! on a space elevator?

But if a laptop crashes, like it did now for me, how will you get it serviced? Are there ample incentives for service providers and maintenance professionals for them to come to Mars?

Will these laptops get put together and sent to Earth for service? If so, what’s the time to get it back? But, if you have the money to go to Mars, then you can buy a new laptop right?

Drive, Fly or Driven, Flown?

Hyperloop — Rapid transport through tubes, is a work in progress but is happening. Even Russia wants to do it. The first deployment and trip will improve efforts across nations to include rapid transport schemes between major cities.

Imagine, cross continent travel in 2 hours. That will be something. Self driving cars, and autopilots are also evolving. Also, the auto industry is moving to the valley, for the tech. In 25 years, travel and transportation will go through as many or more number of disruptions that it has seen in the last 100 years of motorised industry.

Superbugs and Medicine: A case of Cat and Mouse

In terms of health and life, as the industry fights more existing diseases and illness, it faces new superbugs that are antibiotic resistant. This is the next frontier of health science. The digitization of health data will bring more transparency to the patient and ease of ops for the doctors and hospitals.

At the same time, minimally invasive surgical procedures, biosimilars and next generation of sequencing is changing human life as we know it. Transdermal patches for drug delivery, replaceable limbs, bionic eyes are either here or arriving soon. We’re close to ridding the world of some long standing diseases but at the same time, we might gain some previously unknown super diseases. This vicious circle of medicine and diseases will always be a work in progress.

Billionaires and Internet Media. Different or the same?

Fighting media is my favourite from the last month. Because it is a pet project that has already brought on media firm down! This is the case of Gawker vs Peter Thiel. When a billionaire spends 8–9 years for revenge on a minuscule funded media startup that behaves worse than a peeping tom, the results are interesting for more media. Invasive and click baiting media is something I hate. So, more power to bringing this down.

Internet for all (through me) is what some internet media companies want. Case in point — FB’s walled internet garden for all, through itsinternet.org. When you hate it because its not inclusive, you’re called an elitist. When you show facts, they get cherry picked.

People have begun to focus more on headlines and less on the content. So, as long as your claim is benevolent, only the most involved person digs deep enough to understand the facts. That’s risky!This applies to Google’s loon project, where balloons beaming internet will float over cities. Beyond this, Google wants to builds its own city, kind of like a walled garden of internet fruits and flowers. It will be amazing except Google = Big Brother! and add this fact that Google is the highest money spender towards US lobbying, which means what Google wants will begin to happen as pet projects.

We’ll cover more of these in future weeklies as more tech billionaires do something interesting. Till then, lets count the zeros in billions.

Some other things I found interesting from last week!

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