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Sustain#43: Jarvis, do my home (or Exit?)

By June 28, 2016 Sustain No Comments

Sustain Weekly — Jarvis, do my homework! (or exit?)

Either robots are part of our future or us part of their past!

If you want to get a robot for your home, what will it be for?

  1. House Cleaning
  2. Personal Assistance
  3. Companion Pet
  4. Maintaining Clothes
  5. Home security
  6. Gardening
  7. Butler/Cooking Assistant
  8. All of the above

You picked all of the above? You plan to pet your butler?What? You thought I was going to cover Brexit? Definitely not. Although I’ll share a simple chart that shows the most asked questions in the UK after the Brexit vote happened. Then, you’ll know no one knew what they were voting for or against.

Last week, I wrote mostly about flying cars and possibilities. I have so many questions in this area. I’ll cover them as and when we have more market information.

But before that, back to the future. Of home robots. We’re very close to this robot thing happening world over! But, will you get it for your home?

Japan already has robotic dogs and cats for older citizens.In fact, Sony has been selling the AIBO AI dogs since 1999. Some of the owners even do funerals for these dogs, after they became immobile. A Russian robot escaped last week and one that shrieked when too many kids came close. That will do very well in security.

Robots — finding use cases every where all the time!

Someone even made a $50,000 robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson and you know how a lot of men and some women are imagining creative use cases for it. This month, another company made a clothes folding robot and is selling it for $800. I’ll pay around $200 if it can sort, wash, dry, iron, fold and arrange them.

Yes, I’m not the early adopter but the mass market and that’s how much I expect from a laundry robot.Even Google announced that they want to build home robots out of Boston Dynamics and demoed a weird looking giraffe/dog/cheetah hybrid setting vessels out of a dishwasher.I love the idea of the butler and cooking robot. The best thing is that it can measure, monitor and inform on the quality of food as it serves with a high level of accuracy. More than all this, imagine the amount of time that you’ll save doing all the grunt work. Surely, you can use this time to keep yourself occupied doing something you are passionate about. I’ll cover more on home robots in future weeklies as and when they start to arrive. Till then, keep your mind off Scarlett and be productive.

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Oh and I really forgot about the chart on Brexit! So, one day after the Brexit vote where UK decided to leave the EU, the top searches by several of their citizens were on fundamentals such as What is EU and what countries are in the EU?

Interesting how decisions and votes get built based on sentiments and mass hysteria of popular opinions. Don’t you think that UK claiming any sort of independence is kind of ironic! In any case, I’m hoping Scotch whiskey will get cheaper. Cheers to that!

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