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Sustain Weekly Newsletter-5Oct2015

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A weekly sustainable tech newsletter from a standing desk. – Oct 5, 2015

Here are the top sustainability news I found interesting this week

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What is Khat?
Khat is a little green leaf native to the horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Khat chewing is a 1000 year old social custom. It’s a mild stimulant.

In Yemen, 90% of men and 50% of women chew Khat. 50% of household income is spent on it. In the last few decades, Most Yemeni farmers cultivate only Khat.  Yemen has gone from producing 95% of its food to importing 92% of it. 27-30% of ground water is dedicated to Khat irrigation. Sana’a, Yemen’s capital might be the World’s first capital to run out of water. The cultivation and trade of Khat in the Horn of Africa is linked to terrorist funding in Kenya and Somalia.

How to stop auto playing videos on Facebook: Top right–>Settings–> Videos –> Dropdown Menu–>Auto-Play Videos–>Off

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Open Thought
When you focus on only getting customers and not on retention, it is like leasing a car when you want to own it. The cost of ownership is tricky and gets even more expensive later. This trend is apparent in a majority of food delivery companies that are going through a high cash burn model.

News @Arcluster 
Arcluster is close to the launch of its first internally funded study, as part of our research unit that also does bespoke engagements. You can also follow us on twitter @arcluster for latest news from the company.

Folks, that’s it for the week update. Good week ahead!