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Sustain Weekly Newsletter-30Nov2015

By November 28, 2015 Sustain No Comments


A weekly sustainable tech newsletter from a standing desk. – Nov 30, 2015

Here are the top sustainability news I found interesting this week

Start you up (week’s start-up stories and insights)

  • The day I became a millionaire – David Hansson of Ruby on Rails; Founder/ CTO at Basecamp.
  • In December, I’ll be doing a four-part analysis on the hyper-funded startup ecosystem in India. Those reading the startup opinions for the first time can check for past archives here.

Learn today

What is ‘Water Stress’?
Water stress is the ability to human and ecological demand for water. It occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during poor quality or during a certain period of time. It causes deterioration of fresh water resources in both quantity (dry rivers etc.) and quality (pollution, intrusions). Here is a recent water stress chart by country.


Did you know?

  • An island of plastic trash is floating in the Pacific. The great pacific garbage patch is the size of Texas, 5.8m sq. miles. Caused by empty water bottles that are ending up in the ocean.
  • Marine animals are using a new form of secret light communication. Study finds Mantis shrimp uses circular polarizing light to indicate presence to aggressive competitors. Technology might find application in remote sensing, biomedical imaging and cancer detection.
  • Caledonian humpback whales are making mysterious visits to underwater mountains while migration. They apparently take prolonged stops from 3 to 22 days around seamounts.
  • Why you should not wash your jeans unless they’re really really dirty.
  • Brazil’s worst environmental disaster (pictures) happened this month. A dam at an iron ore mine burst, releasing mud into the Rio Doce River.  The mud sludge contains high (illegal) levels of toxic heavy metals and chemicals – arsenic and mercury.


Open Thought

The advise to drink 6/8/10 cups of water everyday is misguided. Its important that your body is replenished, but doesn’t have to be through cups and cups of water. The medium of intake should be distributed. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of water. Follow on quality not just on quantity.

 News @Arcluster 
At Arcluster, we believe social responsibility exists beyond economic responsibility. Our sustainability efforts are compelled by an intense focus on core issues such as hunger, security, energy and environment. We have an active interest in change agents such as engineering, technology and research to achieve this. Visit our social responsibility page to know more about our efforts. Follow us on twitter @arcluster for the latest news from the company.

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