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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Sustain Weekly Newsletter – 26 June 2015

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Here are the top news I found interesting this week.

  1. Remote farm management gets coverage boost. Using satellite connectivity to support sustainable farming. Vodacom Business – Broadband Connect Satellite solves a problem for a 12,000 hectare farm in Southern Africa.

  2. Stanford study says Ditching fossil fuels and switching to renewables is 100% possible. State by state plan in 40 years. Musk and Caprio foundation are helping fund this project.But, all this is for the US.

  3. Sologic, an Israeli startup, has made eTree, an eco sculpture made of metal that supports solar panels. Delivers 1.4 Kwh. Comes with a docking station for mobile devices. Costs $20,000 to $100,000. Use cases: schools etc. Needed? no. Marketable: Yes

  4. Quantity-Nutrition Compromise. GMO crops and Pesticides. The True cost of cheap food. Resilient strains have thrived in the absence of competition.

  5. An interesting way for readers and not so for Monsanto is this video of the food movement on How Monsanto gained huge control of the world’s food supply. There’s an old Monsanto and a Monsanto Company. Tricky to differentiate

  6. A new article on Pembient’s 3D printed rhino horns and whether it will help curb poaching. Basically Pembient’s goal is to flood the market with synthetic rhino horns to stem illegal horn trafficking. @savetherhino tweeted once that this is not exactly helpful for conservation. So, what’s true here? More updates in the following newsletters.

  7. Lastly, the most talked sustainability news this week was Pope Francis’s 184 page Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ that calls for accelerated efforts on climate change. Also. went on a tweetstorm. says climate change will affect the poorest the most. He tweets at@Pontifex. That’s it for this week folks.

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