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Monthly Archives: April 2015

4 things about this blog

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1) I plan to keep this blog as flat and as easy as possible. Posts and design will be simple. Easy to compose, Easy to read. Easy to criticize.

2) I plan to post as often as possible but without a schedule. I dislike deadlines for things I love; so, the blog might be irregularly updated.  There are some good readers after Google dumped the best one. Please use one of them, as readers make life easy.

3) I am a bit opinionated. Sometimes I take the liberty and voice an opinion, but it is not to malign anybody, but just an expression of thought. I don’t like ‘IMO’ or ‘IMHO’ as I want to believe whatever people say is their opinion. No disclaimer is given or needed.

4) The blog in not intended to provide insights or intelligence to events and situations, but an outlet of a personal inference of how I see things. So, anything you find insightful and want to bank on, do so at your own risk. 😉